Attending A Live Event

Wow!  Nothing gets you motivated like spending a few days with high energy, like minded people!

The last 3 days were spent with people in my industry.  People who are striving for the same freedoms I want.  Freedom to have money to provide for their families, travel the world, save for retirement, leave a legacy…but most of all the freedom to spend time with those we love.

We heard from some of the leaders in our industry…sharing their plans and strategies of exactly what they do daily to achieve their goals.  In this great big world we don’t need to fret about “competition”…but rather…we’re really all in this together.  There’s enough wealth in this world for everyone.

But, contrary to what’s been said…it’s not “yours for the taking”.

It requires hard work.  But not only that…a lot of people, most people, in fact, work hard…it requires working smart.

It requires working as hard for yourself as you ever have for a boss.  Unfortunately, I’ve found that most entrepreneurs start with the time freedom.  They decide that if they’re going to work for themselves then they’ll work a few hours a week…after all what they desire most is that time freedom.

That’s backwards…

In order to achieve time freedom you have to first put in the hours.  Who do you know that works 12-16 hour days at their job?  Why does that same person start working for themselves and decide to only work an hour a day…maybe even not every day.

Then they decide or declare….”This doesn’t work for me”.

That’s ludicrous!!

Of course it doesn’t work!  “It” never works!  “YOU” must work!

After…and only after…you put in the work…as much as you gave on your job…give yourself…then and only then will the time freedom come.

So, learn from the best!

Put in the work!

Enjoy the rewards!

YOU are Empowered For Abundance!



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