Does Changing Your Mindset Really Work…

What’s the difference in those who accomplish great things and those who fail to realize their ambitions? Intelligence? Willingness to take risks?  Creativity?  Clarity?  Perhaps, but science says otherwise…

According to work by pioneering Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck as well as others, the reason for success is your mindset.

Those who achieve great things generally believe they can improve and grow as people. This is called a “growth mindset.”

Those who are frustrated in their attempts to realize their dreams tend to believe their abilities and talents are set for life…they have a “fixed mindset.”

The question is…can you change your mindset if, until now, you’ve had a fixed mindset…”it is what it is”?

1. Begin with your self-talk

Your mindset begins with the way you talk to yourself in your own head.  What do you say to yourself daily?  When you are up against an obstacle do you say, “This will never work!”,  “I’ll never get this done on time!”,  “Who am I to think I can do this?”.

Or, do you say, “This isn’t working, yet.”,  “I’ll get this done on time, somehow!” ,  “I am just the right person to do this!”

So, pay attention to your thoughts.  Begin to encourage YOU.

2. It’s a growing process

Understand that saying your will change your mindset is not a “do all be all”.  It’s a growth process.  It builds on itself over time.  Just like any muscle you must work on to make stronger and grow…so is your mind.

Work on your mindset…your self talk…daily so that you’ll continue to stretch yourself, expect more of yourself, believe you are capable of anything you set your mind to!

3. Answer that voice within you…

Don’t be afraid to talk back to yourself!  Sometimes you just need an intelligent conversation!  🙂

If you find yourself talking negative or discouraging yourself, say “STOP IT!  I’ve got this!”

4. Thoughts lead to actions..

The whole idea of changing your mindset is to grow and become what you desire to be.  So, don’t stop with changing the way you think…it must move into changing the way you act, also.


Sometimes, because we are human, you just have to “act yourself into a better way of thinking”!

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