Customer Acquisition Strategy

What’s your customer acquisition strategy? Do you have one in place?

In other words…how do you get your customers?

What exactly is a CAS?

If you’re building your online business (or brick and mortar business) you must have a plan to get customers.

But it goes beyond that. It also includes building a relationship with your customer and providing information they need to make an informed decision when considering buying your product.

How much thought have you given it? Have you put it in writing?

I know, lots of questions😊

Without a strategy in place you may just be floundering in your business.

So, here are my suggestions:

1) Have a funnel in place that will capture their name and email
You can get a 14 day free trial with Clickfunnels to build your funnel…just click here: ClickFunnels

2) Use an autoresponder to collect those names and emails in a list so that you can send them follow up emails and build a relationship with them. AWeber is a great tool for that…it’s what I use: AWeber

3) Decide what type of advertising you’ll use.
>Facebook Ads lets you target your exact market
>Solo Ads helps build your list fast
>You Tube Ads takes advantage of the huge audience that loves watching videos online
>Bing Ads target the Bing search engine users
>And there are many other ways to advertise

Choose one method and master it

4) Be sure to include Social Media Marketing in your CAS
>Build a Facebook Fan Page
>Build your own community, a Facebook Group, where you can give value to your members
>And include Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snap Chat, etc

5) Offer free stuff: pdf downloads, ebooks, strategy sessions with you, etc

Focus on your end goals when developing your Customer Acquisition Strategy.

After you have your plan mapped out and running be sure to track everything so you’ll know what to continue with…because it works, and what to stop..because it isn’t working.
The only way to know is test, test, test.

Finding the right CAS for just the right customer for your business is an ongoing challenge…for every business.


Identify your target market
Build a relationship with your customer
Provide value
Build trust
Be consistent

And again…test, test, test!

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