How Damaging Are Social Media Blunders…

Engagement with your audience on social media has proven to be very important when building your brand.

Some of us are a work in progress, others really shine at it.

And then there are those who do it very badly.

You may have heard about Elon Musks’ recent tweet which has cost his company billions of dollars.

Retaliation.  It was as simple as that.  You’d think he’d know better, right?

Well, sometimes it’s hard to keep your cool.  But it’s a necessity.

Bashing people who don’t agree with you or who have made a rude comment will only bring you harm.

It may feel good to get even, but keep in mind what your goal is for your company.

When people attempt to lift themselves up by tearing others down all they accomplish is to change the focus of their message.  Now the attention is on their bad behavior.

It’s not easy but using that self-control will allow you to rise above the nonsense.  Take the high ground.

Besides when someone comments something negative there’s a delete button.  Use it.

Respect your business.  Treat it will professionalism and dignity.

Do this and you’ll see your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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