How To Build Momentum In Your Online Business

How would you like to break through and see massive growth in your business? What exactly is needed for that to happen?

I’m going to share with you some ways to make that happen in your business.


The impetus (the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly) and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.

What does that mean? It means…

When there’s momentum in your business things just seem to get done. Your customers or clients are happy. You find yourself achieving extraordinary results…sometimes better and faster that you even imagined!

Suddenly you find yourself in the limelight! You’re considered a leader in your industry. It seems everywhere you turn someone is looking to you for guidance. People begin to follow what you say and do. You become an authority in your own right!

How does this happen? Who wouldn’t want this to take place in their business?

Building momentum. Making great strides in your business. Motivating others to succeed. All of these are what entrepreneurs strive for.

I’m going to share with you a few ways to make sure this happens in your own business.

First of all we’re back to that goal setting. You must, I can’t say it enough, you must know where you’re going. What’s your vision for your business? Have it crystal clear in your mind and on paper. Are you goals Specific? Are they Measurable? Are they Attainable? Are they Relevant? Are they Time based?

Time based

Next your strategy must be designed to a T. Write it down. go over it with a fine toothed comb. Is it doable? Do you have every detail you can think of in your strategy.

Will things change? Of course they will! Will you have to make adjustments? Of course you will! Don’t let that realization stop your from designing your strategy.

Then, put on those blinders. Tunnel vision. Stay 100% focused on working that plan.

Now work on your mindset. Saying things like, “It’s easy for you to say”, “I just can’t see that happening”, “I hope I can” or “Maybe this will work” are all counterproductive!

Think positive! Stop those negative thoughts from forming. Or counter them with a positive one. If you can’t think of anything else then just say something like “I can and I will” to counter every negative thought that comes in your mind.

You have control over one thing in this life…only one! That’s your thoughts! Only you can manage your attitude! But you can manage it!

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right.”

Failing to change the way you talk to yourself will make it impossible to succeed. It’s absolutely critical if you’re going to build momentum in your business that you build a positive mindset.

Next be sure to reward yourself for even the smallest of successes. Momentum happens when you achieve one success after the other, quickly, without stopping.

Be sure to reward yourself for those small successes and make this journey one you enjoy and look forward to staying the course.

When you’re experiencing these small successes you’ll find your business will begin to grow quickly. You’ll attract people that will help that growth. They’ll want what you have. They’ll want to learn from you.

And finally, you’ll create habits. Habits are hard to create and take a lot of discipline. When you’re forming a new habit it can get very uncomfortable. It’s like stretching a muscle. The fibers of a muscle must tear in order to repair and build. That can and usually is painful.

Sticking with that growth through the pain will result in a comfortable new skill that you can enjoy using to your benefit as long as you choose. And with this new skill there will be no stopping you!

Your business is never standing still. It’s either moving forward or it’s moving backwards. But it never stands still.

The success of your business depends entirely on YOU. Regardless of what happens in your industry, if you build that momentum you will keep moving forward.

There may be times when you have to change directions, in fact, there probably will be. But you go back to the strategy, make adjustments, keep your end goals in mind, your vision and stay the course.

Remember, you have everything within you to be successful. You are Empowered For Abundance.

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