How To Stay Focused When Growing Your Business

Do you find it hard to stay focused on building your business and not get caught up with the shiny objects?

If you know what I mean and that’s you then I’m going to share some ways to help you stay laser focused!

I’m going to cover 4 ways to help you get and stay focused on your business.

1. Ask your self this question…What’s the end result you’re striving for?
Yep! That’s right! What is your primary goal for your business? Is it money? If so, say it loud and clear. Let’s face it…most of us work to make money.

Maybe you’re someone who works for a cause and the money isn’t important. If that’s you, then state that loud and clear!

Write that down…you end result and write it down every day!

You’ve heard to “Stay on the road and don’t get off!”. “Stay away from shiny objects that will distract you and get you off track.”

I say imagine you’re in a tunnel. You can’t even see the shiny objects. Stay on task to reach your end result.

Tunnel Vision….literally!

2. The second step…the proverbial “to do” list.

Creating a list the night before or even at the beginning of the week helps you focus on exactly what you need to get done to move toward that end result.

We pride ourselves on our abilities to multi task. But is it really productive to do so? Just because you can…doesn’t mean you should.

Studies show that multitaskers experience a huge drop in productivity…about 40%! And it takes 50% longer to complete a task, because their brains are scattered…not focused. Multitaskers also make more mistakes…up to half the time. And the worst? Multitasking actually lowers IQ!

The ability to focus on one task may be hard for you, if you’re not used to it. Just start slow. Literally silence your phone, close Facebook, you emails accounts, turn off notifications, put a Do Not Disturb..Genius At Work sign on your door! Whatever it takes to stay on task and get through your “to do” item at a time.

3. Work in time chunks. Take breaks often. Thinking that you’re the all powerful Oz and you have to keep working until the money is rolling in is, well, crazy!

And don’t wait until you’re exhausted to take a break. Or until you “can’t think straight”.

Plan your breaks. Work in chunks. 1-3 hours max! If you function best by taking a break every hour then do so. And don’t beat yourself up about it! After all, didn’t you start your own business so you can be your own boss?

Then be kind you yourself. Take a break when you need it and if it’s scheduled…even if you don’t need it.

4. The last step I want to talk about is networking.

Networking just feels right, doesn’t it? But is it?

You’ve probably heard, or read, we have to build relationships on line to be successful. And while that may be true…I’m hear to say, not at first.

Get your own business up and running first. You can’t give what you don’t have.

When you’re in the building stages and you jump into building online relationships with people, you better believe that every one of them will have advice for you.

They’ll recommend this software they couldn’t live without, or that traffic source that has made them millions!

All of that will be well meaning. They just want to help!

However, you’ve already made your decision as to the direction you want your business to go. Stay the course and reach your end result before you add other paths.

Now, I’m not saying don’t take advice, or seek a mentor or coach. Of course those are very important. But even they should help guide you in the way YOU want to take your business, not try to reinvent your business.

After you are making money there will be time to go back to the starting gate and take another path, or as I like to say, another tunnel to reach your end result.

Having said all of that, as you’re moving forward be sure that you don’t wait to start making money while you learn everything there is to know about your industry. If you do, you’ll never reach the end.

Find the shortest way possible to get “in business”, then keep learning and building.

That’s it for now!

Remember you have everything you need inside of you to succeed! You are Empowered For Abundance!

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