What exactly is Passion…

The dictionary says it’s a “strong and barely controlled emotion”.

So, how do you find your passion?  Is there really a personality test that will tell you what your passion is?

We’ve certainly been led to believe so.

I beg to differ…

Throughout our lives we’re exposed to many, many different avenues to “be something”.

We start off in school…just think of all the subjects you took.  As a child, we often imagine ourselves excelling in different ways…usually based on what we’re good at.

Did math come easy for you?  Maybe you dreamed of being an engineer.

How about reading, or writing.  Perhaps you wanted to be an author…

Or maybe you wanted to be a scientist, or astronaut, or who knows?

All of these things were based on interests in your life.

How many kids that had braces do you know who became dentists?

Or people who spent time recovering from a physical trauma that became physical therapists?

Have you ever know anyone who was somehow affected by a fire…who became a fireman?

It goes on and on…people admire a police officer and decide to become one…or a doctor and decide to go to medical school…

You see, usually we become passionate about what interests us, or what has affected our lives in some major way.

So, you can say passion comes from our interests, our life experiences, even our successes.

As an entrepreneur, you have to stand out to be successful.

Let’s say you’re interested in marketing your business on Facebook.  So, you begin.  You learn how to post ads.  But, so do many, many other entrepreneurs.

How do you climb above the crowds of other people marketing on Facebook?

Maybe you become a Facebook marketer who shares funny posts or personal stories.

You could always do Facebook live videos.

But lots of people do those things.

So, think of a way to combine another skill you have with Facebook marketing…like gardening (I have a friend who does that), or sharing your knowledge about dieting, or cooking or fishing, or anything you know about, love to do, or are good at.

Then, you become the best at sharing that knowledge…at combining the skill you have with the skill of Facebook ads.

In other words…you become passionate about it!

Your success will drive your passion….need I dare say…it will determine your passion!

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